Let’s start with this, Pay Per Click (PPC) should form a part of every companies online strategy.

Well structured PPC campaigns can pay real dividends for just about any business.

For those who don’t know, PPC is best described as the paid advertisements you see in search engines at the top and down the right side when you make a search. In Australia, Google makes up 92% of all search, so for the remainder of this article we will be referring to Google’s PPC system called Adwords.

So how does PPC work? Let’s run through the basics.

Keywords and Phrases

For any campaign to be successful, you must know what keywords and phrases will provide your business with the best Return On Investment (ROI). So how do know what are the right keywords for you business? It’s a good question and at the end of the day, getting your keywords right can be the the deciding factor in success or failure.

So where to begin. Most businesses could have hundreds, even thousands of keywords related to their business. The trick is to find the best ones that will result firstly in a click and second, and most importantly, a conversion.

Then there is the use of negative keywords. This is where you specifically request certain keywords or phrases do not display your ad.

Your Ad

The content of your ad is probably the most important factor in a successful PPC campaign. You need to provide quality copy that will encourage the customer to click on your ad over all the other ads displayed for that search.

The quality of the content of your ad will also dictate in part where you will be displayed by Google and how it will look if you are in the top 3 ad results.

The more specific your ad is the better. Pick a certain service or product and focus on that. General ads tend to perform worse than specifically targeted ones.

Your Landing Page

When creating and Adwords campaign, you choose which page you want the customer to land on. You should have them land on a page that is specific to your ad. Coming in on your home page for example will mean that the customer will have to try to navigate to the area they were wanting based on your ad.

Well that is the basics covered. If you’re not running a PPC campaign or your current efforts are not paying dividends, contact us today.

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