These days most businesses need a website. Not only do people now use the web to find a product or service, if they found your business through some other method, the first thing they want to do is look at you website.

For a lot of businesses a website is their only place of business and means of communication with their customers. A website enables small business to succeed and in some cases compete with much bigger organisations.

There are several ways to be found on the web

Lets take a quick looks a the main ones.

  • Advertising Spend big in advertising your products/services through mediums like TV, radio and print media. While these options can work well, they are expensive and are often out of reach of small business.
  • Digital Advertising Advertising on high traffic websites with banner image or similar. This is a far more cost effective option and does allow you to target your audience more specifically.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising This is a great option for small businesses, giving you the greatest control over both your target market and your budget.
  • Organic search engine rankings This is by far the most cost effective and best method of getting traffic to your website. So what’s the catch? Well, organic search ranking growth takes time to achieve.

At Twist Design we like to focus on the last two. While a good PPC campaign can reap fast rewards when done right its the organic growth that is more time consuming and most importantly reaps much better long term results.

So the best place to get a good start on your SEO is when you build your website. With every website design we build we apply at least the basic SEO principals so that search engines are going to be able to index your pages better than some of your competitors. We create quality industry related;

  • Keywords
  • Page Titles
  • Page descriptions
  • Site map

Contact us about building your next web design project and let us help you get started on your organic search growth.

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